What skincare products are good for adolescent girls

What skin care products are good for adolescent girls

  1. Basic skin care-Dreamtimes M3 dream trilogy

Speaking of skin care products for young people, what else can you think of besides DT?! Focusing on the field of skin care for young people, with a market share of more than 50% and more than 92% of repurchases, I am the undisputed strongest king of skin care for young people! The new M3 product is a perfect continuation of the classic skin care trilogy, but the more upgraded formula is still familiar. Plant photolysis technology plus small molecule water system, as well as sk2 core component Pitera’s WAE yeast extract, ultra-lightweight and zero burden on the skin, oil control and moisturizing cheap fairy water, the skin is refreshing and not greasy for 14 hours. The water-based facial cleansers are very good and can be used, of course, it is more worry-free to use together, what else to say, the little fairies come to pick me.

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  1. Facial cleanser-Fuli Fangsi facial cleanser.

When it comes to facial cleanser, I think of my own history of blood and tears. I bought the first facial cleanser in my life at a young and ignorant supermarket– it is smart and black for a lifetime!!! My big oil field blackhead pores and acne are all thanks to it. Too much is all tears, young fairies, facial cleansers should also be cautious. And Fuli Fangsi facial cleanser, the first facial cleanser of Japan Cosme Awards, and this one often recommended by many Weibo big Vs and Internet celebrities! Because it is an amino acid facial cleanser, the PH value is similar to that of young people’s skin. It has a mild texture and no irritation. The main focus is zero irritation and no damage to the skin. The light milk fragrance is rich in foam and it is very comfortable after washing.

One sentence: lessons of blood and tears, gentle praise, moisturizing things silently.

  1. Essence-Yuefeng Poetry Yin Small Green Bottle.

Yuefengshiyinjia’s items are mostly tasteless, small green bottles and loose powder (not very easy to use for bashing oil) but unlimited repurchase. It is more accurately a muscle foundation than an essence, so the small green bottle of green tea seed essence muscle foundation is actually the leading essence, which is used after cleansing and before all skin care procedures. Three-second moisturizing small green bottle, Korea’s No. 1 moisture essence muscle foundation, it is a perfect and powerful one. The texture is refreshing, the taste is light, and the moisturizing power is 5 times that of ordinary essences! Friendly reminder: You must buy genuine products.

One sentence: Leading the essence, taking charge of strength, playing forward in skin care.

Fourth, mask-SKII moisturizing mask.

Our young people’s skin comes with collagen hyaluronic acid. In fact, it is not recommended to use the mask frequently, and occasionally use one or two tablets for first aid or maintenance. The product on the list is of course the SKII moisturizing mask. The famous ex-boyfriend’s facial mask, with a mask that made the ex-boyfriend regret breaking up! Put it on before the important day, and shine on the scene at the critical moment. Of course, it is not so exaggerated. The mask has no whitening effect. The main purpose is to remove the yellow and moisturize first-class, so that the skin is crystal clear and feels like a full sleep. Also, be sure to wash your face after applying the mask!!!

One sentence: look at me, look at me, light luxury and low-key stealers.

Five, sunscreen-Biore refreshing water-feeling sunscreen.

The world of young people not only has poetry and distance, but also more important sunscreen! Sunscreen is required throughout the year, regardless of cloudy and rainy days in winter and summer! (However, few people can do it, and I am the same, I want to be lazy in winter) An Nai Sun’s small golden bottle is famous, but its cost-effectiveness can’t hurt it. It is very good for military training partners.

Biore’s sunscreen has also won a sunscreen award. The key is that it is very refreshing, light and light, with a touch of orange and lemon flavor. It is absorbed very quickly after spreading, and it is easy to push, and it is not greasy at all, and it will not cause the most troublesome mud rubbing phenomenon. It is more suitable for daily life.

One sentence: daily sunscreen, a must-have little cutie at home.

Six, acne-La Roche-Posay acne cream.

Stay up late to eat spicy food, come to aunt, how to be a beautiful little fairy with big acne! At this time, La Roche-Posay’s acne is needed to fight the fire. Use DOU+ for closed red and swollen acne. New acne that has just been issued will be applied overnight, and the old acne will appear white and mature with a needle. Disinfection and hygiene, don’t pick it at random, otherwise the acne marks are too deep and no gods can help you. Remember to use K for closed acne small pimple, two can not be used at the same time, you are free to thicken the skin | Of course, acne products are only for acne, and you want to improve the skin texture, how can it be possible! Severe acne is best to go to the hospital, don’t mess around by yourself.

One sentence: the great god of acne, first aid for problems, only extinguishing fire does not save people.

Seven, makeup remover-Bedma makeup remover water.

Make sure to remove makeup, even if you just wear sunscreen! Bedma makeup remover, the most popular makeup remover in the world, does not need to be introduced at all. It is 100% free of fragrances, pigments and alcohol. It removes makeup effectively. The texture is gentle and non-irritating. It is very suitable for young people’s skin.

One comment: I am the big makeup remover.

  1. Spray-Avène Shuhuo Spring Spray.

Summer is the home of spray, and the most important function of spray is– cool! Haha, instantly moisturize the face and mind, and the battery is full. Avène Spray uses natural spring water, directly fetches water from the source, and is filled aseptically. It can be used to soothe and calm the skin and reduce sensitivity during seasonal changes and outdoor exposure. Suitable for daily soothing and hydrating skin care for sensitive skin and healthy skin.

One sentence: Come to face, charge the little master.

Nine. Eye Cream—- Keyan’s Avocado Moisturizing Eye Cream.

The eye area is the most susceptible to aging. It will be too late to use eye cream at the age of 25. I shouldn’t need to tell you about these. But Lamer and Estee Lauder, please wait for me for another ten years. Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream is synonymous with “young eye cream”, and in fact it is indeed the single product with the highest flop rate among young people’s eye creams. The main ingredients include avocado oil, carotene, shea butter, vitamin E, etc. Although the “emulsification” step is required, it is actually a very mild and well-absorbable moisturizing and moisturizing.

One sentence: young eyes, I will speak for you.

  1. Men’s Skin Care-K1 Men’s Trilogy.

The finale is our exquisite BOYS! Skincare has long been not exclusive to girls. Nowadays, young boys are more meticulous than girls. But for most troublesome brothers, such a three-piece package is the most suitable. That’s right, it’s still DT. I really can’t think of anything better for young people’s skin (although the packaging is super disgusting). The K1 series is specially developed for young men’s skin. It focuses on refreshing and oil-controlling. It can continue to moisturize and improve men’s skin roughness, peeling, and oily problems. After use, it is clean, refreshing, and not tight. Say goodbye to greasy men and be a delicate little milk/wolf dog.

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