What brand is Charles Keith?

What brand is CHARLES & KEITH?

CHARLES & KEITH, a fashion company founded by brothers Charles Wong and Keith Wong in 1996, is headquartered in Singapore. Products include shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, bracelets and other fashion accessories. At present, 450 stores are located in the golden business districts of major cities in 36 countries around the world.

The brand founders Charles Wong and Keith Wong, with unique fashion perception, founded CHARLES & KEITH, a footwear brand designed for Asian women in 1996.

CHARLES & KEITH is the first-choice brand of the urban fashion community, and it stands out among many brands because of its easy-to-wear and modern design style. As a brand with the concept of advocating a new generation of lifestyles, it has successively developed a more comprehensive product line, such as shoes, bags, sunglasses, accessories and jewelry. The brand has set up flagship stores in many fashion cities, such as Seoul, Shanghai, Dubai, etc., and will always uphold the spirit of continuous innovation and unparalleled design.

We always take the needs of users as the primary goal, win customers’ favor through reliable, timely, meticulous service and high-quality products, and strive to imagine more for users; always pursue long-term cooperative relations to promote common development and prosperity.

We value innovation, production and integrity, and encourage independent thinking and teamwork. Employees are the foundation of business success. Every employee is part of the Shaflin family, trusting and supporting each other. Regardless of achievements or failures, we are open and honest and learn from others. Learn to balance work, life and entertainment. We are proud of the company’s good development, attention to social welfare, and care for the company’s colleagues. At the same time, we are also full of confidence in the future.

What is the grade of Charles Keith

The price of Charles Keith is generally not expensive, basically the price is less than 500 yuan, good design, but the quality of the product is still a little bit inferior, and overall it is still a low-end brand.

How about Charles Keith bag

I recommend Xiaock’s bag. I personally think this is a very cost-effective brand. The price of this small style backpack is around four to five hundred, which is quite practical. This is the second time I have bought it. I bought a golden cross-body bag in Shanghai last year. At that time, I really liked their backpack. The clerk said that if you want to have a full 1,000 to become a member, you can get a discount next time, so he cares, buy the two together.

I especially wanted a red messenger bag this year. I fancy MK’s and Naihe male ticket. Let me persuade myself, and my girlfriends to visit the SEG store. I just saw that it was pretty good. My girlfriends got a black one. I The red that I wanted was out of stock. Just check it out on the official website. It turned out to be really in stock. I placed an order decisively and got a discount of 422. Super bargain. I have been carrying the golden one for so long, and the hardware is pretty good, and the red one can hold the basic things when I go out to play this summer, which is pretty awesome.

The weather is warm, and I start to prefer small cross-body bags. Little CK has always been a brand that I personally love very much. Fashionable styles, good quality bags and affordable prices. When I went to the counter on the weekend, I wanted to find the messenger bag with the rose red bow. The counter was out of stock. I just looked at it casually at that time, at first I didn’t feel much about this. I saw this on Xiaohongshu when I got home, and I liked it immediately. I didn’t have time to go to the counter after get off work in the evening, so I checked at the Tmall flagship store. I found that I just caught up with the Tmall Queen’s Day event, you can double it to 40 with a Tmall 5 yuan coupon. It’s a bargain. I like red, but too many clothes are red and pink, and I also love gold. After tangling red and gold for a long time, I finally chose red. Although this is a 2014 style, because it is a classic model of a Charles Keith, it is basically not discounted. I used 20 store coupons and 40 Tmall Queen’s Day coupons, and the price was 339. Colleagues and friends all say it looks good. Those who know the little CK say that I have a good eye. I don’t know that the little CK’s were also successfully recommended by me. Really super beautiful, cheap bags, my favorite Charles Keith.

Cost-effective Charles Keith bag family portrait

This brand from Singapore has been rooted in Wuxi for several years. Wanda Huiju Henglong has his store. Every time I pass by, I will go in and see if I like it. Here is the family portrait of the Charles Keith bag I bought~

In short, the price-performance ratio of Charles Keith bags is still good. After all, they can’t afford gorgeous big-name bags, but they like to buy bags, so it is good to choose Charles Keith, and

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