The difference between skincare and no skincare.

Is there a big gap between skin care and no skin care?

I can use my own experience to answer that there is really a big gap between skin care and no skin care.

When I was young, my skin was full of collagen and no skincare products were used. My skin still felt good. But as we age, in order to maintain a better skin condition, skincare is necessary.

In order to let everyone see the difference between skin care and non-skin care more intuitively, I will look at the three aspects separately, and the same three aspects can also see the difference before and after use.

First, apply a mask regularly. The mask has multiple functions such as hydrating the skin, soothing dry lines and removing excess keratin on the skin surface. Of course, if it is a functional mask, the effect will be more. As far as I am concerned, I am dry skin, so I use the most moisturizing mask.

Daganpi needs hydration throughout the year, and the dryness is more obvious in autumn and winter. Every time the skin is dehydrated, the facial skin will feel rough.

The first is the comparison of the use of facial masks

Look at the comparison before and after use (please ignore the light, I did not do any dimming, the light will be slightly different every time the camera shoots), pay attention to the dry lines under the eyes, and the dry lines disappear after applying the mask.

Next is eye cream. The eyes are easily exposed to aging, so the eyes must be taken care of in time.

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